The Taff Housing Allotment project is located at the Leckwith and Droves allotment site off Bessemer Road in Cardiff.  The plots roughly cover a rectangular area the size of five tennis courts, side by side, measuring 45m x 20m.
* We were given the plots at the end of 2010 and could not step onto them with all the bed weather to clear the land until February this year.
* The focus has been on removing tonnes of dumped rubbish and rubble and, most importantly, getting to grips with an invasion of marsh grass – our very own Day of the Triffids! Standing 8ft high and dense as a jungle, the grass has a root system like the Northern Line on the London Underground, stretching 2-3 feet underground right through the plots and causing havoc for any growing plans.
* So, we got in the experts to spray the grass, which put up a tremendous fight.

Who is involved?

* There are a number of tenants involved in the project in different ways – helping out, joining in activity sessions, tending to the vegetables.

* We are also very pleased to have the New Foundations home schooling project on the site, which is run by a Taff tenant. They have a section of land to use.

* Staff and contractors and partners have also been enthusiastically helping out at the site, with action days to get on top of the work involved.

What are we doing now?

* We bravely stood up to the marsh grass and decided to plant three beds of potatoes and three box beds (8ft x 4ft) of mixed vegetables, including courgettes, cabbages, lettuces, aubergines and peas.
* Now tenants are busy with the next stage of clearing the grass and rubble, glass and other foreign objects from the back section of the plots, which is a huge task they have taken on, but they are throwing themselves at it with energy and determination, spending hours and hours toiling away.


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