Flush with success

allotment agm-webThe community allotment group celebrated a year of success at their Annual General Meeting, marking many changes and improvements to the site.
One of the most important, the addition of a compost toilet, took place
outside the training shed as the meeting itself was taking place.
With the sun shining and much going on around the allotment site, there was a great atmosphere at the meeting, which was as much a celebration of so many achievements.
As the officers recounted the year’s events, you could hear the sounds of tapping and banging, as the panels and fittings for the toilet were put in place by contractors from Landcraft.
Chairman Fanwell Tandi started off the meeting by saying it had been “a very pleasant year”, and secretary Jayne Palmer talked of the “massive difference” to the facilities, which include more raised beds, a water tank, a thriving training shed, fruit cage, patio area and much more.
Jayne played a big part in helping over the past year to draw down grant funding from Environment Wales, Impact Plus and Awards for All, towards the toilet, a much needed polytunnel, funds to purchase the storage container and top soil.
Registering with Environment Wales has seen a shift on site to more organic gardening – and signage in English and Welsh.
On the New Foundations Home Education plot, the children involved there have been learning lots of growing and making skills, including dismantling pallets to make a bench.
There were thanks for Taff staff, Sam Davies, Ivor Fish and members of the allotment committee, Taff contractors including Cowlin and Willis Construction and others who have been involved.
Site Allotment secretary Steve Watkeys highlighted opportunities to use the site shop and stock up on seeds and materials for the winter.
Chair Fanwell Tandi also paid tribute to Richard Alan Pond, who died earlier this year. He had overcome illness and operations to become a popular figure on the site before he died suddenly in the early summer.
After the meeting ended, everyone enjoyed the sunshine, some refreshments and shared out produce from the plot and wider site, including windfalls of pears and apples and courgettes.
The project has benefited from some great new faces, who have contributed to both the atmosphere and continued development of the site.


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